About Earthshine Candles and Soap

I'm Tim, and I make all of the products that I sell here at Earthshine Candles and Soap. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a lover of nature and the outdoors, and that I'm an amateur astronomy enthusiast too. I began making candles as a hobby five years ago, and have been using hand-made soaps for even longer. Even back then, I knew that if I ever turned my hobby into a business, I'd name my company "Earthshine Candles." 

Earthshine (when light reflects off of Earth and lights up the dark part of the moon) is a simple but fascinating bit of science. It's a natural but awe-inspiring sight, most easily seen during the crescent phase of the moon.

The simple wonder of that natural phenomenon is what inspires my soaps and candles. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so why "clean" your skin with commercial soaps which are often made with harmful chemicals?

My soaps are made using all-natural, healthy ingredients that nourish the skin. Our fragrances contain no phthalates, no harmful chemicals, and no toxins. Likewise, our candles are made using all-natural soy wax, with no chemical additives and no paraffin.

I take pride in every product I make. I don't create flashy, colorful soaps like many crafters do. My soaps are meant to be used, not to become decorative showpieces. I hope that you will enjoy Earthshine soaps and candles with confidence, knowing they are made using only safe and natural ingredients for healthy skin!